Friday, 14th January 2022 – 9.00am–5.00pm GMT (UTC+00:00)

9.00am Keynote one:

David M. Berry (Professor of Digital Humanities – University of Sussex): ‘Personal Computation’

10.00–10.15am [morning break]

10.15am Panel one (chair: Scott Wark):

Tina Kendall (Anglia Ruskin University): ‘Staying Connected to Stay Safe: Boredom and Social Media Literacy in a High-Speed Society’

Yanning Huang (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University): ‘From “996”, “Involution” to “The Philosophy of Lying Flat”: The Classed Practice of Talking About (and Dealing With) Overwork in High-Speed China’

Henrik Bødker and Philip Pond (Aarhus University and University of Melbourne): ‘Events, Acceleration and Attention Politics’

Ben Potter (University of Sussex): ‘Hegemony of the Fad: Ephemerality, Reproduction and Losing Time for Thought on TikTok’

11.45am–12.45pm [lunch break]

12.45pm Panel two (chair: Tom Sutherland):

Leah Junck (University of Cape Town): ‘The Times of Tinder: Perceptions of Intimacy in a Fast-Paced Dating Environment’

Emir Kurmuş (Boğaziçi University): ‘Insights for the Complex Interaction Between Acceleration and Deceleration Through the Analysis of White-Collar Employees’ Sleep Patterns and Time Pressure in Istanbul’

Lorenzo Olivieri (University of Bologna): ‘Temporalities of Non-Knowledge Production: Acceleration and Repetition in the Italian Asylum System’

Andreas Schellewald (Goldsmiths, University of London): ‘Understanding the Practice of “Mindless” Scrolling on TikTok in the Context of Pandemic Life and Social Acceleration’

2.15–2.30pm [afternoon break]

2.30pm Panel three (chair: Zara Dinnen):

Krista Lepik (University of Tartu): ‘Temporal Tension Fields in Museums and Libraries’

Manuela Arruda Galindo and Paula Sibilia (Fluminense Federal University): ‘Running to Miss Nothing: Anxious Temporality and the Frustration of the (Un)limited’

Sandy Di Yu (University of Sussex): ‘The Enclosure of Free Time in the Digital Society: How the Advent of Platform Capitalism Parallels the Process of Primitive Accumulation in the Transition to Post-Feudal Capitalistic Europe’

Victoria Stanton and Stacey Cann (Concordia University): ‘Pedagogy and Time’

3.45pm Keynote two

Rebecca Coleman (Reader – Goldsmiths, University of London): ‘Infrastructures of Feeling: The Digital Mediation of the Present’